Our society is driven by media. Print media. Television media. Internet Media. Today people can tell the difference between media that was created on a home computer versus being developed by a professional designer. This explains why even the large companies have now begun hiring out their marketing and advertising needs to professional designers because they understand their public image will directly affect their sales. Think about it. If you want to purchase a widget, would you seriously consider buying one from a company whose advertisements look like they were produced in a basement or if they don’t have a website? The answer would probably be a resounding “no”.

Why? Does that company not sell quality widgets? Who knows? The fact is because they refused to take the time and money to create a professional media environment then people will automatically assume the actual quality of their product is sub par as well.

This is the foundation for the vision of BRIDGEout Design. Our sole purpose is to help create professional print and Christian web site design media for ministries. If people expect professional media from the businesses they shop from in their cities and towns and online shops then why would they not expect the same from the place they are intrusting their children and their very souls. The fact is they do.

BRIDGEout Design understands this need and wants to help. We also understand that those large companies have large budgets so of course they can hire outside guns to create these amazing presentations. It’s hard not to have something look amazing if you just spent a half million on advertising. Hard, but not impossible.

But here’s the deal. You don’t have to spend a million to make it look like you spent a million. Think of us as the TJMAX or Burlington Coat Factory of media design. We give you name brand media at wholesale pricing. So you can spend more money on Missions or creating that new ministry for your community. You can do more for the Kingdom without having to launch a building fund for the new website or worship guide.

You see we have a heart for ministries and God has blessed us through the years. Our owner, Stacy Taylor, has served in the ministry for a number of years so he understands how difficult it is for churches to have quality media. It’s a struggle many months just to keep the doors open. So we normally charge around half of what the other larger design companies charge. That’s right. Half. But you know what? Our bills are paid and there is a roof over our head and food on the table. We continue to see more ministries blessed everyday and as we bless those ministries with our talents then God blesses us with more business. It’s a little hard to explain how we keep the lights on sometimes but just suffice it to say “It’s a God thing”.

So out of this heart to help ministries, BRIDGEout Design was born and we pray that God will continue to widen our path and expand our influence into the body of Christ. We want to see people come to know Jesus and if we can help churches accomplish this goal, then that is our greatest reward.